Now hiring Cultural Activities Coordinators!

The ERDT Work & Travel Program seeks to hire Cultural Activities Coordinators.  These independent contractors will carry out cultural activities with ERDT J1 Summer Work & Travel participants. Our participants are college students from Bulgaria, China, Jamaica, Turkey and Ukraine, who are working in seasonal jobs around the U.S. for the summer.

To become a Cultural Activities Coordinator, click "Begin Your Applcation" below.  Once you're signed up, you'll be able to fill out a Cultural Activity Proposal for your first activity.  There's no obligation to do a certain number of activities, proposals are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Once your Cultural Activity Proposal is approved by ERDT, you'll carry out the activity, complete a Cultural Activity Report and send it to ERDT, and we will pay you $100 for each day in which you meet students, plus reimbursement for some expenses.  It's easy!


Frequently Asked Questions

What locations are you hiring in?

Scroll down to check out where our participants are working.  Work & Travel students do move with some frequency; if you would like an updated list of locations, contact ERDT.

We especially recommend that Cultural Activity Coordinators consider road trips through multiple towns where our participants are located.  Being paid $100 a day to see the U.S. isn't a bad way to spend the summer!

What constitutes a "cultural activity?"

Cultural activities should be interesting to college students, affordable, and show them some aspect of U.S. culture that they may not experience during their day-to-day life, working in their summer job.  We especially like cultural activities that:

  • Involve volunteering
  • Have an educational aspect
  • Are affordable for the students
  • Are easy for the students to get to using public transportation
  • Offer an opportunity they may not do on their own

When will activities be carried out?

Between May 1 and Sept 30, depending on location.

What expenses will be reimbursed?

As part of the proposal, you will list expenses that you wish for ERDT to reimburse.  Upon receipt of the proposal, ERDT will inform you of which expenses are approved and not approved, so that you may make a final decision as to whether it is worth it to you, to do the event.

Who pays for admission for the students?

In the majority of cases, the students will pay their own admission.  If the activity is something that ERDT particularly wishes to promote - for example, something educational or philanthropic - ERDT may consider covering the cost of the activity for all participants.

We do encourage you to come up with activities that are affordable for the students, most of whom make minimum wage.

I am concerned about covering costs upfront, even if I will be reimbursed.  Should I be worried?

ERDT will work with you to ensure you can afford the event.  For example, if you need to rent a van or buy party supplies, ERDT can pay for these items remotely via credit card.  Most of the time, students are responsible for their own admission to the event.

Again, we definitely encourage you to come up with activities that are fun and affordable for the students, most of whom make minimum wage.

What if I have to cancel the activity?

If you cancel the activity, no fee or reimbursement will be paid.

What if I plan an activity, but no students show up to participate?

This is always a possibility!  In this case, the Daily Fee will still be paid.  Any pre-approved expenses that you have already incurred, or which are unavoidable as you return home, will be reimbursed.

Examples of Cultural Activities:

  • Parties (Barbecue, Picnic, Pizza party, Game night)

  • Bowling

  • Movie

  • Concerts (any kind of music)

  • Plays or musicals

  • Museums and galleries

  • Amusement parks

  • Local attractions

  • Zoos and wildlife parks

  • Hikes


  • Mini Golf

  • Ice or roller skating

  • Tours

  • Scavenger hunt at the mall/beach/boardwalk

  • Trip to a nearby city

  • Craft day

  • Festivals  / farmer’s markets

  • Water sports

  • Community Service