Please note: only Cultural Exchange Coordinators who have completed the application process can submit a cultural activity proposal.  Please click above to apply - it's easy!

Cultural activities should be interesting to college students, affordable, and show them some aspect of U.S. culture that they may not experience during their day-to-day live, while working in their summer job.

Activities that show the Work & Travel program in a positive light (such as volunteering, or activities with an educational aspect) are especially encouraged as they add to the public diplomacy aspect of the J1 Exchange Visitor Program.

Check out where our participants are working back at this page (scroll down).  Work & Travel students do move with some frequency; if you would like an updated list of locations, contact ERDT.

ERDT is a non-profit organization, and Summer Work/Travel participants pay a relatively small fee for ERDT's sponsorship, so cultural activities must be affordable for ERDT.  To be affordable, cultural activities should either serve a large number of participants, or be located near where you live / where you are traveling otherwise.

We especially recommend that Cultural Activity Coordinators consider road trips through multiple towns where our participants are located.  Being paid $100 a day to see the U.S. isn't a bad way to spend the summer!