Employer Orientation

6. Were any qualified U.S. applicants for this job rejected within the past 90 days? *
7. Will any U.S. workers be fired and replaced with these exchange visitors? *
8. Is there or has there recently been a strike, lockout or other labor dispute at the placement site? *
9. As a host employer, you agree to help promote the international diplomacy goals of the J1 Work/Travel Program by encouraging the students to: *
(Please check to indicate agreement)
10. I understand that the below types of positions are not permitted for J1 Work/Travel students. *
(Please check to indicate that you will ensure the exchange visitor never does these kind of jobs for your company.)
14. Are you willing to assist the exchange visitor, if ERDT is unable to help, in cases of emergency? *
15. Have you been offered the opportunity to interview the exchange visitors by video? *
16. Will exchange visitors need to pay for uniforms, tools, supplies/equipment, union dues, or the cost of travel to a training site 60 miles or more away? *
18. Do you agree to give the exchange visitor two weeks’ notice prior to ending their employment or reducing their hours below 32/week, unless the exchange visitor fails to report to work for more than 10 consecutive workdays? *
19. Do you agree to never change the exchange visitors' job position or address of employment without first informing ERDT? *
20. Do you verify that exchange visitors will be paid at least whichever is highest: (1) federal, state, and local minimum wage, (2) the starting pay of an American doing their job and (3) the starting pay of a working visa holder doing their job? *
21. Do you currently follow applicable employer recordkeeping requirements under federal, state, and local law, including the Fair Labor Standards Act and Department of Labor regulations? *
22. Do you agree to notify ERDT within 24 hours of the following events? *
(Please check to indicate agreement.)
24. Are you a staffing, housekeeping or lifeguarding company? If YES, do you:
Please check all that apply.
25. Do you understand that any exchange visitor who begins a second job without permission from ERDT will be immediately sent home with a negative mark on his/her immigration record? *