Why was my applicant rejected?

Complete documentation includes the below 11 items, completed in full. Below are some common reasons ERDT might reject an applicant’s proposed placement.

1. Employer Agreement

  • All boxes must be checked.

2. Job Offer

  • No information may be left blank.

3. Participant Details

  • No information may be left blank.

4. Participant Agreement

  • No information may be left blank.

5. Participant Interview

  • No information may be left blank.

6. Housing Plan

  • Address must be listed

  • Detailed description should list how many beds, and what size, are in each bedroom. For example: "Bedroom 1: 3 tenants, 1 twin bed, 1 bunk bed. Bedroom 2: 2 tenants, 1 bunk bed. Bedroom 3: 4 tenants, 2 bunk beds."

  • In general ERDT discourages housing where participants would be sharing a double bed, where no cooking facilities are available, or where WiFi, heat and AC aren't available.

  • "Transportation to work" section must be completed in detail. ERDT will check this info using Google Maps. Transportation must be safe, affordable, convenient & reliable.

  • Housing provider email address must be clearly listed.

7. Housing Photos

  • Photos must clearly show every room that the participant would use in the housing, plus exterior.

  • Size and number of beds shown in the photos must match the "detailed description" in the housing plan.

  • Housing must be in good condition, and not overcrowded.

  • In general ERDT discourages mattresses on the floor with no frame.

8. Housing Agreement (if checked on the Housing Plan)

9. Cultural Activity Plan

  • It must be obvious that the cultural activites are planned events, not just suggestions of activities for the students to do on their own. Events don't need to be big, just an employee welcome party & goodbye party would be fine.

10. Employer Business License

  • Must not be expired.

11. Employer Worker's Compensation Form

  • Must not be expired.

In addition, ERDT will reject a participant in the following circumstances:

  • ERDT has had negative experiences with the participant, employer or housing provider in the past.

  • The area does not provide opportunities for the participant to do fun & interesting things outside of work hours.

  • The job is not seasonal (available only in the summer).

  • The job would move a participant to different locations often (ERDT generally allows up to 3 job locations for a single job).

  • The participant would not make much money after paying for rent and transportation.